of Gen Zers say YouTube has helped them become more knowledgeable about something.

Google/Ipsos Connect, U.S., Generation Z Media & Values study, n=1000 people age 13–17, May 2018.


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of leading marketers use strategic metrics, like gross revenue, market share, or CLV, to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

January 2018 Google/MIT

Leading marketers — who increased their business results by 10% or more last year — are 1.5X as likely as the mainstream to use CLV to measure the effectiveness of their marketing.

December 2016 Google/Bain & Company

of people say that their frustration increases as the load time for a brand’s mobile site increases.

November 2018 Google/Civic Science

of shoppers think getting deals on their smartphone while in stores is both cool and something they’d use.

June 2018 Google/Ipsos

An easy-to-use website matters more than online reviews or even loyalty programs to high-value travelers.

June 2018 Google/Greenberg

is the average load time for a mobile page.

January 2017 Google