96% of grocery shoppers who have not used an online grocery service say they would look first to a brick-and-mortar retailer for home delivery, and 85% say they would select a store they already visit.

Google/Bain, U.S., Omnichannel Grocery, non-online grocery shoppers in the last 12 months and willing to consider, n=2195, 2018.


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The features they say they’d value most are the ability to build a digital shopping list and having ways to compare prices.

December 2018 Google/Bain

Only 4% of grocery shoppers say they use voice assistant technology on smart-speaker-type devices for grocery planning

December 2018 Google/Bain

of those early adopters use voice assistants weekly — or even more frequently — for grocery planning.

December 2018 Google/Bain

of online grocery shoppers say they are still shopping with the first retailer they tried for online grocery.

December 2018 Google/Bain

Only 42% of people who’ve shopped online for groceries once in the past 12 months say that the experience saves them time versus shopping in a store.

December 2018 Google/Bain

of online grocery shoppers say that online grocery shopping saved them time — a jump of 21% more than one-time online grocery shoppers.

December 2018 Google/Bain