Hispanic smartphone video viewers look for video content that is relevant to them as Hispanic people.

Google/Ipsos Connect, U.S., Brand Building on Mobile Study, among Hispanics aged 18–54 who watch online video at least monthly on mobile, n=452, Jan. 2016.


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of Hispanic mobile video viewers turn to their smartphones first to watch video, which is higher than the general population.

January 2016 Google/Ipsos Connect

of Hispanic smartphone video viewers are more likely to watch ads on their smartphone than the general population.

January 2016 Google/Ipsos Connect

Black millennials' mobile watch time on YouTube has more than doubled in the last two years.

September 2016 Nielsen

Mobile searches for “__ should I __” have grown 80% in the past two years.

September 2017 Google Data

of monthly YouTube users in the U.S. are ethnically diverse, with Hispanics comprising the largest proportion.

July 2017 Nielsen/YouTube

In the past two years, videos with the word "review" in the title had more than 50,000 years worth of watch time on mobile alone.

June 2017 Google