>2X increase in searches for "off the shoulder tops."

Google Search Data, U.S., Jan.–Apr. 2016.


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Though searches for "where to buy" increase up until Dec. 23, the queries recover to pre-Christmas week levels and stay steady for the final week of the year.

Dec. 2016 Google

In 2016, mobile searches for "store hours" peaked on Christmas Day. It's the highest day of the year for that search.

December 2016 Google

Mobile searches for the top retailers are higher on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day than any other day in December.

December 2016 Google

Mobile searches for "open now" and "store hours" grow through December and peak on Christmas Day

Dec. 2016 Google

Mobile searches for "gifts" grow 50% from the first week in December to the week of Christmas.

Dec. 2016 Google

Consumers who click on an advertiser's Google Search ad prior to visiting a store are 27% more likely to buy something in-store, on average.

Oct.–Nov. 2016 Google