40%+ of those interested in the topic of women’s rights are men.

Google Data, U.S., includes inferred, Google-defined lifestyle, psychographic, and behavioral audiences, audience defined as male and female and 18-65+ in the U.S., interested in online content related to women’s rights., as of Feb. 15, 2018.


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100% spike in U.S. search interest for “me too” in October 2017—an all-time high.

March 2018 Google

110% more searches for "sexual harassment" in the past 12 months in the U.S. than in the previous 12 months.

February 2018 Google

In the last year, “me too” was searched in 196 different countries.

February 2018 Google

60+% of those interested in the #MeToo movement are U.S. men.

February 2018 Google