of leading marketers who use machine learning to drive marketing activities said they were satisfied with how their KPIs inform and influence decision-making across the enterprise.

Google/MIT SMR, Global, MIT SMR/Google Future of Marketing/KPI Survey 2018, overall n=3200, manager +, full SMR industries, overall ML = 1564, manager +, SMR full industries, 2018.


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of marketers agree that improved understanding and engaging the right customers is most important to reaching their marketing goals in the next three years.

November 2017 Bain/Google

The average mobile page takes more than 15.3 seconds to fully load.

January 2018 Google Research 01/15/18

of leading marketers agree they are using KPIs to develop a single, integrated view of the customer.

October 2018 Google/MIT

of leading marketers agree they should build teams that solve for end-to-end customer experiences and journeys, across channels and devices.

October 2018 Google/MIT

Marketing leaders are 60% more likely than laggards to believe the marketing teams should own a data-driven customer strategy that supports all organizational stakeholders.

October 2018 Google/MIT