Searches for "hunter boots" peaked the day after the rainiest day of the month in Los Angeles.

Google Search Data, Los Angeles, CA, Jan. 2016.


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While car sales today start online, more than 95% of purchases still happen at the dealership.

2017 Hyundai

of purchases for multiple industrial manufacturing and pack-and-ship industries were influenced by digital.

September 2017 BCG/Google

of B2B industrial manufacturer purchasers start online research with a product (like lawn mower, tire, or sprinkler) then follow up with a brand.

September 2017 BCG/Google

Digital destinations — retailer websites, third-party websites, online retailers — are the last stop before purchase for many B2B shoppers.

September 2017 BCG/Google

of pack-and-ship buyers did not receive any online engagement, like an email, a link to an app download, or an online account sign-up, after a purchase from a brand.

September 2017 BCG/Google

of industrial manufacturing shoppers who are informed online make a purchase on their first in-store visit.

September 2017 BCG/Google