Data & Measurement Programmatic

of all marketers say they currently have, or will have in the next 12 months, the capability to use marketing attribution.

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Consumer Insights Data & Measurement Programmatic

More than 160 million people have gone into their Google Accounts to review and adjust their privacy settings.

Google Data
Consumer Insights Data & Measurement Programmatic

Search interest in the U.S. for “my activity,” where people can manage information saved to their Google Account has increased sixfold since 2016.

Google Data
Data & Measurement Programmatic

of marketers cited organizational and structural challenges as the No.1 reason they haven't adopted data-driven attribution.

Advertiser Perceptions/Google
Mobile Data & Measurement Micro-Moments

Leading marketers are 31% more likely than mainstream marketers to have increased investment in technologies that make site experiences faster.

Econsultancy and Google
Retail Programmatic

On average, retailers are investing less than 1% of their revenue on personalization, while best-in-class retailers are investing 30% more.