Google/MIT SMR, Global, Future of Marketing/KPI Survey 2018, n=3200, manager level or higher, KPI index (grouped based on 20/60/20 split) challenged n=645, capable n=1928, leaders n=652, Marketer leaders are defined according to several attributes, including how well aligned their KPIs are to their business outcomes, 2018.


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Nearly 3/4 of respondents believe their organization’s current goals would be better achieved with greater investment in machine learning and automation.

2018 Google/MIT SMR

of the organizations surveyed have incentives to make investments in machine learning and automation.

2018 Google/MIT SMR

More than 160 million people have gone into their Google Accounts to review and adjust their privacy settings.

January 2019 Google Data

Search interest in the U.S. for “my activity,” where people can manage information saved to their Google Account has increased sixfold since 2016.

December 2018 Google Data

of Gen Zers say a texting conversation can count as a date.

December 2018 Google/Qualtrics

of those between 18 and 24 say video and virtual dating are important.

December 2018 Google/Qualtrics