Google/MIT SMR, Global, Future of Marketing/KPI Survey 2018, n=3200, manager level or higher, KPI index (grouped based on 20/60/20 split) challenged n=645, capable n=1928, leaders n=652, Marketer leaders are defined according to several attributes, including how well aligned their KPIs are to their business outcomes, 2018.


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Nearly 3/4 of respondents believe their organization’s current goals would be better achieved with greater investment in machine learning and automation.

2018 Google/MIT SMR

of the organizations surveyed have incentives to make investments in machine learning and automation.

2018 Google/MIT SMR

of marketing leaders agree automation and machine learning will enable their team to focus more on strategic marketing activities.

December 2018 Google/MIT Technology Review Insights

of executives believe AI will allow their companies to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage.

September 2017 The Boston Consulting Group

of smartphone owners bought or plan to buy something after seeing an ad that they described as relevant.

April 2017 Google/Purchased

More than 160 million people have gone into their Google Accounts to review and adjust their privacy settings.

January 2019 Google Data