Mobile searches for the term "best toothbrush" have grown over 100% in the past two years.

Google Data, U.S., Jan. - June 2015 vs. Jan. - June 2017.


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Searches for "best" have shown higher growth among low-consideration products than high-consideration products over the past two years.

June 2017 Google

In the past two years, mobile searches for "product reviews" have grown over 35%.

June 2017 Google

Mobile searches for "toothbrush reviews" have more than doubled over the past two years.

June 2017 Google

of females 18 to 24 years old used their phones to search for health and beauty how-to content in the past three months.

Jun. 2015 Google/Galaxy

Body copy: People have searched for toothpaste in over 75,000 ways in the past two years.

September 2017 Google Data

of people say their phones reduce stress and/or anxiety in their lives.

December 2017 Google/Heart+Mind Strategies