of smartphone users say price is an important factor when deciding whether to install an app.

Google/Ipsos, U.S., "How People Discover, Use, and Stay Engaged With Apps," n=999, based on smartphone users aged 16-64 who search for apps on phone’s app store, Oct. 2016.


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About the Data

Base: Searches for apps on phone’s app store (n=795)

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Searches for "grocery," "pharmacy," and "photo" apps related to specific retailers have grown 140% YoY.

Sept. 2017 Google

Brand-specific searches for time-saving "delivery" and "pick up" apps have grown 205%+ YoY.

Sept. 2017 Google

Investing and stock-related app searches such as "penny stock trading app," "home advisor app," and "investments app" have grown 115% YoY.  

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Searches for branded restaurant apps that enable things like reservations, tracking orders, and discounts have grown 120% YoY.

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YoY growth in search for "free food" or "drink deal" apps for restaurants.

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Searches for "coupon" apps related to specific brands have grown 90% YoY.

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