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of shoppers will go to the store as soon as possible after deciding they want a product — and only 12% will wait until the next trip.

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About 45% of global shoppers buy online and then pick up in-store, which offers them a more flexible way to purchase and receive their items.

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The top 100 most mature marketers are 4X as likely to exceed business goals, increase market share and revenue as the 100 least mature marketers.

Bain & Company and Google
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of marketers agree that improved understanding and engaging the right customers is most important to reaching their marketing goals in the next three years.

Data & Measurement Experience & Design Omnichannel

The average mobile page takes more than 15.3 seconds to fully load.

Google Research 01/15/18
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of U.S. holiday shoppers over 18 use three or more channels.

Consumer Insights Retail Omnichannel

of shoppers say that they used online video while actually shopping in store.