Sequencing 6-second ads with longer skippable ads drives significant lift across the marketing funnel, from awareness to purchase intent.

Google/Ipsos, U.S., “The Impact of Sequencing YouTube Video Ads,” n=3,000, A18–64, June 2018.


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Sequences using the same creative are better at driving upper funnel metrics, like ad recall. Sequences using different creative messages are better at driving action, like purchase intent.

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Over 25,000 creators, from pop stars to talk-show hosts to beauty bloggers and everyday people, have already shared their coming-out stories on YouTube.

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People who saw the U.S. Navy's YouTube ads at least twice were 19% more likely to search for U.S. Navy keywords on YouTube within three days.

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Prospective online university students who have submitted an information request form do 1.5X as much digital research as prospective students who have yet to fill out a form.

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of prospective students who planned to attend an online university said watching an online video influenced their application.

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