Mobile searches for "toothbrush reviews" have more than doubled over the past two years.

Google Data, U.S., Jan. - June 2015 vs. Jan. - June 2017.


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Searches for "best" have shown higher growth among low-consideration products than high-consideration products over the past two years.

June 2017 Google

Mobile searches for the term "best toothbrush" have grown over 100% in the past two years.

June 2017 Google

In the past two years, mobile searches for "product reviews" have grown over 35%.

June 2017 Google

of females 18 to 24 years old used their phones to search for health and beauty how-to content in the past three months.

Jun. 2015 Google/Galaxy

Body copy: People have searched for toothpaste in over 75,000 ways in the past two years.

September 2017 Google Data

of people say their phones reduce stress and/or anxiety in their lives.

December 2017 Google/Heart+Mind Strategies