Shopping app users stop using shopping apps when they're no longer useful or take up too much memory.

Google/Ipsos, U.S., "How People Shop on Their Phones," n=500, based on smartphone users aged 18-64 who have used smartphone for shopping activities in the past month, Oct. 2016.


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Searches for “grocery,” “pharmacy,” and “photo” apps related to specific retailers have grown 140% YoY.

September 2017 Google Data

of smartphone owners say they prefer to shop on a mobile site or app that recommends brands or products based on their past views, sales, and purchases.

December 2016 Google/Kelton

Nearly 2/3 of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from companies whose mobile sites or apps customize information to their location.

December 2016 Google/Ipsos Connect

the average number of shopping apps installed on users' smartphones.

October 2016 Google/Ipsos

of shopping app users find mobile notifications useful.

October 2016 Google/Ipsos

of shopping app users say their favorite apps are easy to use and navigate.

October 2016 Google/Ipsos