of people who used search before shopping looked for details about the store itself, such as locations or proximity.

Google/Ipsos, U.S., Omnichannel Holiday Study, Holiday shoppers 18+ who shopped in previous 48 hours and visited a store n=1204, Nov. 2017–Jan. 2018.


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of shoppers would rather shop with brands that also have a physical location than ones that are online only.

June 2018 Google/Ipsos

of shoppers who used their phones in stores over the holidays did so to look for deals or savings.

January 2018 Google/Ipsos

Nearly 80% of shoppers will go to the store to buy when they have an item they need or want immediately.

December 2017 Google/Ipsos

The features they say they’d value most are the ability to build a digital shopping list and having ways to compare prices.

December 2018 Google/Bain

Only 4% of grocery shoppers say they use voice assistant technology on smart-speaker-type devices for grocery planning

December 2018 Google/Bain