of users said they would re-engage with the travel apps they have stopped using if they received a discount on their next purchase.

Google/Ipsos, U.S., "How People Use Their Phones for Travel," n=500, smartphone users aged 18–64 who used a smartphone for travel in the past month, Oct. 2016.


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September 2017 Google Data

of travel app users reported abandoning apps when they were no longer needed.

October 2016 Google/Ipsos

of smartphone users who use their phones for travel do so at least weekly.

October 2016 Google/Ipsos

of travel app users discover apps by browsing app stores.

October 2016 Google/Ipsos

of travel app users said notifications containing trip status updates were most useful.

October 2016 Google/Ipsos

of travel apps are used at least monthly.

October 2016 Google/Ipsos