The average registered voter researched the presidential primary election online 85 times in the 2 months before Super Tuesday 2016.

Google/Greenberg Strategy, "Presidential Politics — Understanding the Primaries," U.S., base: registered voters in early primary states, n=1,229, Jan.–March 2016.


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of US holiday shoppers 18+ who visited a store turned to online search prior to going

2017-2018 Google/Ipsos

Growth in mobile searches for "__ for me" in the past two years.

2017 vs. 2015 Google data

80% growth in mobile searches for "__ should I __" in the past two years.


2017 vs. 2015 Google data

Search is the No. 1 channel high-value travelers turn to.

June 2018 Google/Greenberg

In a 30-day, direct-response video campaign, Hawaiian Airlines increased flight bookings by 185% and reduced cost per acquisition by 69% compared to concurrent campaigns.

June 2018 YouTube Analytics Data