of YouTube gamers say they spend more time watching gaming videos on YouTube than playing games.

Google/Ipsos Connect, Human Stories, U.S., May 2017 (n of 4,917 US respondents aged 18-54)


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of YouTube gamers say they enjoy watching others play games on YouTube.

May 2017 Google/Ipsos Connect

of YouTube gamers say YouTube is where they connect with their gaming community.

May 2017 Google/Ipsos Connect

2 of the top 5 YouTube channels with the most subscribers worldwide are gaming-related.

May 2017 YouTube

of female YouTube gamers watch gaming videos on YouTube when they want to hear from people they can relate to.

May 2017 Google/Ipsos Connect

of YouTube gamers say they watch YouTube videos to learn how to get better at a game.

May 2017 Google/Ipsos Connect

There are over 20M gaming how-to videos uploaded to YouTube.

April 2017 YouTube Data, Global