of monthly YouTube users in the U.S. are ethnically diverse, with Hispanics comprising the largest proportion.

Nielsen/YouTube, “Multicultural YouTube Users,” U.S., n of 2,042 monthly YouTube users 13+, Nielsen defines ethnic diversity via declared ethnicity in survey. July 2017.


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of Hispanic millennials feel more favorably about brands that include aspects of Hispanic culture in their advertising when making digital purchases.

January 2017 Ipsos MediaCT/Google

of Hispanics who recently purchased personal care products say YouTube is one of the best places to find videos from others like them about brands/products they're considering.

January 2017 Ipsos MediaCT/Google

of Hispanics say they watch YouTube to engage in passions or topics of interest.

January 2017 Ipsos MediaCT/Google

of Hispanics say it's important for a site to have content relevant to them.

January 2017 Ipsos MediaCT/Google

Hispanics favor digital sources over family, radio, and TV when they're researching something they want to buy.

April 2015 Google/Ipsos Connect

Views of travel-related videos increased 41% in August and September 2018 compared to 2017.

September 2018 YouTube Data