January 2014

Brands and fans are getting into the game earlier than ever before. Many ad campaigns kicked off in early January, drumming up lots of excitement. They've already garnered millions of views on YouTube-more than twice as many as 2013. Football fans are pre-gaming online, not just watching ads, but also searching for players, teams, and game-day recipes (hope you like kale!). Last year, brands that tapped into big game interest early were the clear winners. Which commercials will come out on top in 2014?


<p>Pre Game</p> <p>Brands are kicking off their ad campaigns on the web, and more people are watching them on YouTube than ever before.</p> <p>Views of game-related ads on YouTube started earlier and are even higher</p> <p>January 1-28 2014: 44 million views of game ads on YouTube</p> <p>January 1-28 2013: 20 million views of game ads on YouTube</p> <p>The Game</p> <p>People have been searching for all things NFL including top teams and players--and winning game day recipes, of course</p> <p>Last week's rising sports queries were dominated by the championship</p> <p>Seahawks: +300%</p> <p>49ers: +300%</p> <p>Denver Broncos: +250%</p> <p>Patriots: +250%</p> <p>Australian Open: +150%</p> <p>Peyton Manning: +100%</p> <p>Top Trending teams and players</p> <p>Seattle Seahawks</p> <p>Denver Broncos</p> <p>Payton Manning</p> <p>Russell Wilson</p> <p>Richard Sherman</p> <p>More NFL searches in cities whose teams were in contention</p> <p>Top trending recipes:</p> <p>Kale chips</p> <p>Artichoke recipes</p> <p>Brussel sprouts recipes</p> <p>Chicken wing recipes</p> <p>Chili recipe</p> <p>Post Game</p> <p>Brands that advertised during the big game saw big search spikes</p> <p>In 2013:</p> <p>3.4X more views on ads that were posted on YouTube prior to the game</p> <p>3.2 million hours of game ads watched on YouTube</p> <p>800k broadcasts of the game</p> <p>256 million total views for game spots on YouTube</p> <p>Consumer behavior post game: searches for commercials peaked on the monday after the game.</p>