November 2015

<p>This holiday season, mobile will influence more purchases than ever. Consumers are turning to their phones in hundreds of micro-moments throughout the day, helping to inform both online and in-store purchases. In fact, this year 82% of smartphone users will consult their phone while in a store.</p> <p>We took a look at foot traffic patterns over the holiday season and here’s what we found:</p> <p>On Black Friday, store traffic is heaviest in the afternoon, not the morning.</p> <p>Traffic peaks on Black Friday for most stores between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.</p> <p>Black Friday isn’t the biggest traffic day of the season for all stores.</p> <p>Consumer electronics and cellphone stores see peak traffic on Black Friday, but for other stores, the peak days occur closer to Christmas.</p> <p>Store Foot Traffic Index vs. Other Weekends in Holiday Season</p> <p>Shopping Malls</p> <p>Black Friday: 1.4x</p> <p>Last Saturday Before Christmas: 1.7x</p> <p>Christmas Eve: .9x</p> <p>Electronic Stores</p> <p>Black Friday: 2.3x</p> <p>Last Saturday Before Christmas: 1.7x</p> <p>Christmas Eve: .8x</p> <p>Department Stores</p> <p>Black Friday: 1.2x</p> <p>Last Saturday Before Christmas: 1.6x</p> <p>Christmas Eve: 1.0x</p> <p>Cellphone Stores</p> <p>Black Friday: 1.7x</p> <p>Last Saturday Before Christmas: 1.4x</p> <p>Christmas Eve: .9x</p> <p>Superstores/Discount</p> <p>Black Friday: 1.1x</p> <p>Last Saturday Before Christmas: 1.7x</p> <p>Christmas Eve: 1.1x</p> <p>Dollar Stores</p> <p>Black Friday: 1.0x</p> <p>Last Saturday Before Christmas: 1.3x</p> <p>Christmas Eve: 1.3x</p>