November 2014

Google Canada's 2014 Holiday Shopper survey found almost 60% of Canadians planning to use their smartphone to shop this season. From coast to coast, more time than ever will be spent researching and buying online—meaning shopping doesn't stop when the mall closes. And, Canada's selfie generation is leading the charge. Learn more in our 2014 Holiday Shopping infographic.


<p>'Tis the shopping season using mobile</p> <p>59% of Canadians plan to use their smartphone for holiday browsing, up 50% from last year.</p> <p>Holiday e-commerce is on the rise</p> <p>34% of Canadians will research and buy online. 23% increase YoY</p> <p>21% of Canadians will research online, visit in-store and then purchase online.</p> <p>It's not just millennials: 32% of Canadians 33+ will research and purchase online.</p> <p>Shoppers are using mobile more than ever</p> <p>Canadian shoppers use mobile everywhere</p> <p>62% at home</p> <p>48% in-stores</p> <p>22% at work or school</p> <p>18% while commuting</p> <p>Mobile drives sales, immediately...</p> <p>56% of Canadians who used their smartphone for holiday research bought products they searched on the very same day</p> <p>Window shopping has gone online and is driving sales in-store</p> <p>54% research online then purchase in-store</p> <p>Shoppers are looking for inspiration</p> <p>72% of Canadians plan to use at least one online source during their holiday research. They expect to spend 8.6 hours researching holiday gifts online.</p> <p>Black Friday & Cyber Monday are not single day events</p> <p>Canadians will make an average of 5 shopping trips for this year's holiday season purchases.</p> <p>The holiday season is long</p> <p>24% of Canadians are last minute shoppers and 48% plan on taking advantage of post-holiday sales and promotions.</p>