November 2013

Canada is the sixth largest energy producer in the world and, not surprisingly, Canadians are very interested in understanding the industry and how it impacts their country and their lives. With nearly 75% of the population online daily, the public increasingly turns to the internet for energy information. In the infographic below, we explore mobile growth, the rising importance of video and how online is where news is increasingly sought out and consumed.


<p>Canada is the 6th largest energy producer in the world</p> <p>Share of Canada's energy production:</p> <p>40% petroleum</p> <p>31% natural gass</p> <p>24% electricity</p> <p>Canadians are searching for energy info</p> <p>Google search growth for energy information.</p> <p>"pipeline safety" is up 183%</p> <p>"what is fracking?" is up 146%</p> <p>"keystone xl facts" is up 141%</p> <p>"oil sands jobs" is up 127%</p> <p>24% of energy search queries come from mobile devices</p> <p>Canadians are browsing</p> <p>88% of Canadian environmental enthusiasts report getting their news online.</p> <p>The Google Display Network reaches 97% of online Canadians</p> <p>Canadians are watching video</p> <p>1.85M videos on YouTube related to Oil, Gas and Pipelines</p> <p>5 YouTube videos are watched by each Canadian viewer (on average) per day.</p>