June 2015

Did you know the average Australian has 3.1 connected devices? Our world is more connected than ever, and smartphones are a vital part of online research and purchase. Check out our infographic to learn more about the connected Australian and explore more global insights with the Consumer Barometer.


<p>The multi-screen world</p> <p>Australia has more connected devices than ever.</p> <p>Average number of connected devices used per person:</p> <p>Australia: 3.1</p> <p>U.K.: 3.1</p> <p>U.S.: 2.9</p> <p>New Zealand: 2.7</p> <p>Japan: 2.3</p> <p>Smartphones are an integral part of people's daily lives</p> <p>What do you use your smartphone for?</p> <p>58% camera</p> <p>53% alarm</p> <p>44% weather</p> <p>37% games</p> <p>35% music</p> <p>26% news</p> <p>Most people with an internet connection go online every day. This is true across all ages.</p> <p>I go online every day:</p> <p>88% 16-24</p> <p>94% 25-34</p> <p>86% 35-44</p> <p>83% 45-54</p> <p>72% 55+</p> <p>The smart viewer</p> <p>Australian respondents are watching video for more than just entertainment.</p> <p>Motivations for watching online videos</p> <p>51% to be entertained/inspired</p> <p>31% to relax/escape</p> <p>19% to learn something new</p> <p>18% to pursue a hobby</p> <p>11% to find product information</p> <p>The smart shopper</p> <p>Australia is switching to online shopping</p> <p>19% of Australian respondents researched only online before their</p> <p>I researched my last purchase only online:</p> <p>24% Japan</p> <p>19% Australia</p> <p>10% China</p> <p>5% Vietnam</p> <p>Purchasing online</p> <p>75% of Australian respondents made their last purchase of flights online, and they are starting to buy products like large home appliances online too.</p> <p>I made my last purchase in this category online:</p> <p>75% flights for leisure</p> <p>69% hotels for leisure</p> <p>41% car insurance</p> <p>32% apparel</p> <p>23% cinema tickets</p> <p>22% TV sets</p> <p>14% large home appliances</p> <p>8% Groceries</p> <p>Shopping with smartphones</p> <p>For Australians, smartphones are becoming a vital part of online research and purchase.</p> <p>I use a smartphone on my last purchase journey:</p> <p>33% China</p> <p>23% Australia</p> <p>22% Brazil</p> <p>17% Germany</p> <p>17% U.K.</p> <p>16% New Zealand</p> <p>16% Russia</p> <p>14% Canada</p> <p>Sharing Experiences</p> <p>After their last purchase, 9% discussed their purchase on social media</p> <p>9% posted a review online</p> <p>The Australian Consumer has evolved. Have you?</p> <p>Are you helping people throughout the purchase journey?</p> <p>26% of online researchers in Australia used the internet for early inspiration and 51% used it to compare products during their last purchase.</p> <p>Does your website work across all devices?</p> <p>53% of internet users in Australia have encountered difficulties on their smartphone when visiting websites.</p> <p>Are you advertising on every screen?</p> <p>82% of online researchers found out about the product they last purchased when researching on a computer, whereas 29% found out about it on a smartphone and 16% on a tablet.</p>