June 2016

<p>Thanks to mobile, the instruction manual is a thing of the past. People now use their mobile devices and online video for help with big problems, small fixes, and everything in between. And brands that are useful in these I-want-to-do moments can leave a lasting impression.</p> <p>Identify your consumers' moments of need</p> <p>Explore the particular times of day, week, or year when how-to searches for your category are most popular, and ensure that you're providing useful content in these moments.</p> <p>91% of smartphone users turn to their devices for information or inspiration when in the middle of a task.</p> <p>The importance of online video</p> <p>Consider what your consumers are doing with your product or service, and make sure you have how-to videos that can help. Add descriptive titles, details, and relevant tags to your how-to videos so that consumers can get to them quickly.</p> <p>Searches related to "how to" on YouTube are growing 70% year over year.</p> <p>Make sure your content is mobile-ready</p> <p>Your online videos should be viewable from any device, whenever people choose to tune in.</p> <p>48% of smartphone users are more likely to buy from a company with instructional video content on its mobile site or apps.</p> <p>For more micro-moments insights, recommendations, and case studies, visit</p>