February 2014

With so many weight-loss options out there-from mobile apps to fad diets to fitness programs-consumers are turning to digital to find the right solution. To gain a better understanding of their journeys, Google and The Modellers conducted a study. The research revealed three key findings: Consumers are faced with a baffling number of weight-loss options, they focus on fitness over nutrition, and cost is a major concern. Given that these health-conscious consumers spend 27 hours per week on the internet across devices, marketers have a real opportunity to connect with them online in an engaging, informative way.


<p>Connecting with health-conscious consumers online</p> <p>Marketers need to help consumers manage the many weight loss options out there. Three key findings from our recent study with The Modellers suggest how.</p> <p>Consumers are actively researching across screens. Be there during the moments that matter.</p> <p>Weight loss consumers spend 27 hours/week on the internet often using a smartphone (46%) or tablet (30%).</p> <p>They buy health, diet or fitness products throughout the year, especially in the summer.</p> <p>Many are focused on fitness. Target messages accordingly to reach a wider audience.</p> <p>30% purchased a fitness club membership in the past year vs. 9% who went with a weight loss service.</p> <p>23% of dieters say gym memberships are most effective</p> <p>Cost is a barrier. Offer less expensive or "try-before-you-buy" digital options.</p> <p>11% want an affordable solution while 58% said cost prevented them from completing a weight loss program</p>