September 2016

<h2>Moments that matter for air travelers</h2> <p>Top questions on Google Search (ordered by volume)</p> <h2>I want to get away</h2> <p>1 where is hilton head beach</p> <p>2 how to get a cheap flight</p> <p>3 how to backpack europe</p> <p>4 what island is kona on</p> <p>5 when is the cheapest time to book a flight</p> <h2>Time to make a plan</h2> <p>1 when is the best time to book a flight</p> <p>2 what are the cheapest days to fly</p> <p>3 how much is a private jet</p> <p>4 what is the cheapest day to fly</p> <p>5 how to fly standby</p> <h2>Can't wait to fly</h2> <p>1 how to check flight status</p> <p>2 how to check in for a flight</p> <p>3 when can you check in for a flight</p> <p>4 what is allowed in checked baggage for international flights</p> <p>5 how many seats left on flight</p> <h2>Air travelers who research online</h2> <p>Top locations of air travelers</p> <p>New York, NY</p> <p>San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA</p> <p>Los Angeles, CA</p> <p>Washington, DC (Hagerstown, MD)</p> <p>Seattle-Tacoma, WA</p> <p>Boston MA-Manchester, NH</p> <p>Denver, CO</p> <p>52% of air travelers are women</p> <h2>Top interests of air travelers who shop online</h2> <p>Ordered by relevance</p> <h2>Travel brands</h2> <p>1 United Airlines</p> <p>2 American Airlines</p> <p>3 Delta Air Lines</p> <p>4 JetBlue Airways</p> <p>5 Budget Rent A Car</p> <h2>Top companies</h2> <p>1 American Airlines</p> <p>2 Delta Air Lines</p> <p>3 Walmart</p> <p>4 Boeing</p> <p>5 Apple</p> <h2>Hobbies</h2> <p>1 Hiking</p> <p>2 Running</p> <p>3 Cycling</p> <p>4 Swimming</p> <p>5 Backpacking</p>