August 2016

<h2>Digital Trends: Auto Shoppers July 2016</h2> <h2>Moments that matter in auto shopping1</h2> <p>Top questions on Google Search (ordered by volume)</p> <h2>Which car is best?</h2> <p>when is the best time to buy a new car what is the best car to buy what is the best suv what car gets the best gas mileage what is the best truck</p> <h2>Is it right for me?</h2> <p>what car should i buy what does suv stand for what is a hybrid what kind of car should i get what is ecoboost</p> <h2>Where should I buy it?</h2> <p>what time do car dealerships close where is the nearest ___ dealership why aren’t car dealerships open on sundays what car dealerships are open today how much do dealerships pay for cars</p> <h2>Online auto shoppers at a glance</h2> <p>Top locations for auto shoppers Los Angeles, CA Atlanta, GA Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA Houston, TX Detroit, MI Seattle-Tacoma, WA</p> <p>70% of auto shoppers are men</p> <h2>Top interests of online auto shoppers2</h2> <p>Ordered by relevance</p> <p>Auto Brands</p> <p>Ford Motor Company Chevrolet Dodge Toyota Jeep</p> <p>Auto Models</p> <p>Ford Mustang Chevrolet Corvette Chevrolet Camaro Honda Civic Honda Accord</p> <p>Hobbies</p> <p>Hiking Mixed martial arts Professional wrestling Swimming Cycling </p> <h2>Trending terms related to auto</h2> <p> Ordered by volume of searches</p> <p>Rising queries</p> <p>gmc jaguar oil change near me ford dealership chevy dealership</p> <p>Declining queries</p> <p>kbb edmunds car and driver cool cars autoblog</p> <p>SOURCING 1 Google data, U.S., search questions related to "best" car features and attributes, and dealerships, Jul. 2016. 2 Google data, U.S., Google-defined lifestyle, psychographic, and behavioral audiences based on anonymized, aggregated user browsing behavior on the Google Display Network, Jul. 2016. 3 Google data, queries displayed include its close synonyms, ranked by volume in Jul. 2016, 2013–2016. </p>