December 2016

The opportunity to win over auto shoppers doesn't just happen in person anymore—it happens on mobile. These days, the average car buyer makes just two visits to dealerships.1 Brands should be there and useful in key auto micro-moments to shape consumer preferences and influence purchase decisions.


<p>WHICH-CAR-IS-BEST MOMENTS</p> <p>Consumers often turn to digital to begin their auto research, and these early moments are increasingly influenced by video.</p> <p>69% of people who use YouTube while buying a car are influenced by it—more than TV, newspapers or magazines.</p> <p>IS-IT-RIGHT-FOR-ME MOMENTS</p> <p>During the car-buying journey, shoppers often need a reality check, where they'll ask: will this fit my needs and lifestyle?</p> <p>Time spent watching auto videos like vehicle test drives, highlights of features and options, and walkthroughs of the interior or exterior of the vehicle, increased nearly 2X YoY.</p> <p>Search interest for car trunk space and towing capacity increased by 15% and 30% respectively, YoY.</p> <p>CAN-I-AFFORD-IT MOMENTS</p> <p>Once consumers can imagine owning a particular vehicle, they need to know if they can afford it.</p> <p>Search interest for car MSRP and list prices is at its highest levels ever, growing 25% YoY, driven in large part by mobile, which accounts for 70% of these searches.</p> <p>WHERE-SHOULD-I-BUY-IT MOMENTS</p> <p>Although much of the car purchase journey has moved online, when the moment is right consumers still need to find a dealership.</p> <p>Search interest for "car dealerships near me" doubled YoY.</p> <p>1 in 3 car shoppers, who use their mobile devices as part of the car purchase process, locate or call a dealer on their mobile device.</p> <p>AM-I-GETTING-A-DEAL MOMENTS</p> <p>Even when they're on the lot, shoppers turn to mobile to make sure they're getting a deal.</p> <p>Today, half of all car shoppers with mobile devices use their smartphones while at the dealership.</p> <p>The top action people perform with their phones while on the dealership lot is confirming that they are getting a good price on a vehicle.</p>