August 2014

The data is in and interest is up: More people are attending live events, concerts, sports, and theater ”than ever before. How are they researching and buying tickets to these events? Google worked with Ipsos MediaCT to find out. The good news for marketers is that ticket purchasers are always œin market. If they'™re not attending an event, they'™re looking toward the next one. (Sometimes they'™re even doing both simultaneously thanks to mobile.) There's huge opportunity for brands to surround and own the conversation when it comes to ticketing and interest in live events as shown in this infographic.


<p>Experiential live events are growing more and more popular each year, as shown by the boom in attendance of music festivals, sporting events and live theater. To better understand this growth and the emerging trends in the live event ticket space, Google worked with Ipsos MediaCT. Here we present a snapshot of one of the most engaging and fastest-growing fields.</p> <p>Interest is up</p> <p>Music: Live nation entertainment concert revenue was up 29%.</p> <p>Sports: Queries on Google for sports tickets increased 32% from the first half of 2012 to the first half of 2014.</p> <p>Theatre: Broadway attendance was up 5.5% YOY. Queries on Google for Broadway and theatre were up 10% from the first half of 2012 to the first half of 2014.</p> <h2>The consumer path</h2> <p>Awareness</p> <p>If people had bene aware that an event was happening in their area 30% would have bought tickets.</p> <p>1 in 3 people thinking about going to a live event are uncertain about which event they will attend.</p> <p>Consideration & Research</p> <p>The majority spend 2 weeks researching before making a purchase.</p> <p>79% use smartphones to look up live event information at the beginning of their research.</p> <p>64% say the internet is the main source for live event information.</p> <p>Top 4 ways smartphones are being used in event research: <br>- search engines <br>- social networking <br>- ticket sites <br>- online video</p> <p>25% of those who viewed an online video as part of their research found that it affected consideration.</p> <p>Video has the most impact on consideration.</p> <p>Purchase</p> <p>69% purchase tickets within the month of the show.</p> <p>71% of all ticket buying happens online.</p> <p>Following their use of search for live event information 80% of consumers eventually purchase a ticket.</p> <p>People still buy tickets primarily on their computers but the growth is coming in the mobile and tablet space.</p> <p>There was a 50% increase in the use of smartphones for ticket purchases from 2012 to 2014.</p> <p>Of people who used smartphones in their research process, 1 in 5 eventually bought tickets.</p> <p>Engagement</p> <p>66% of people attending a live event engage in online activities during the event.</p> <p>30% look up future events after they've attended a live event.</p>