February 2015

Love changes everything—what we buy, how we make purchase decisions, and who influences those decisions. On Valentine's Day and beyond, the web plays a big role. It's a Cyrano and a cupid, a couples' therapist and a wedding planner in turn. In this infographic, we explore online moments of love and how marketers can win them.


<p>Search, mobile, and video help us through every step of a relationship-from the first date to the wedding. See how you can make a love connection with consumers this Valentine's Day and beyond.</p> <h2>Celebrating Valentine's Day</h2> <p>Lovebirds keep the spark alive with romantic gestures and gifts. (Well, some more than others.)</p> <p>Shoppers are spending more on their sweetheart each year.</p> <p>There were 3X as many searches for "gifts for boyfriend" than "gifts for girlfriend" last February.</p> <p>The day before Valentine's Day, gift givers search on mobile more than on desktop and in the weeks leading up, it's neck and neck.</p> <h2>Finding a Date</h2> <p>Online dating has lost its stigma, and apps are the new matchmakers.</p> <p>One in three Americans meet their spouse online.</p> <p>Growth in the dating category is coming from dating apps.</p> <h2>Going on a First Date</h2> <p>Daters seek advice on everything from clothing to conversation topics.</p> <p>Top searches about first dates:</p> <p>What to wear</p> <p>What to do</p> <p>What to talk about</p> <p>Where to go</p> <p>How to act</p> <p>Searches for "first date outfit" up 60%</p> <p>Over 60M views of YouTube videos about first dates</p> <h2>Kissing</h2> <p>First-timers ask the web questions they might be too shy to ask in person</p> <p>Top searches about the kiss</p> <p>how to kiss</p> <p>how to kiss a girl</p> <p>how to french kiss</p> <p>how to kiss a guy</p> <p>hot to get a girl to kiss you</p> <p>Kisses were sent to 17,248 cities from the Burberry Kisses campaign, traveling 318,381,288 total miles.</p> <h2>Falling in love</h2> <p>Romantic soundtracks give people that lovin' feeling.</p> <p>Time spent watching romantic music videos on YouTube grew 58% in December 2014 YoY</p> <p>Searches for romantic getaways peak every January and July</p> <h2>Popping the question</h2> <p>Before getting on one knee, people get on their smartphone and YouTube. Their partner wonders what's taking so long.</p> <p>Mobile searches for engagement rings grew 52% YoY.</p> <p>Online purchases of diamond jewelry are up 39% from 2011.</p> <p>Top searches about proposals</p> <p>how to get a marriage proposal</p> <p>what to say in a marriage proposal</p> <p>how to accept a marriage proposal</p> <p>how long to wait for a marriage proposal</p> <p>how to write a marriage proposal</p> <p>Proposers look to YouTube for inspiration-videos of proposals have gotten nearly 300M views.</p> <h2>Tying the knot</h2> <p>She said yes! Summer is the most popular time to tie the knot</p> <p>Searches for wedding invitations peak in January, while anniversaries peak in June.</p> <p>Wedding guests are shopping for gifts down to the wire. "Wedding registry" searches peak in June, and last year 405 more of these searches were done on mobile.</p> <p>The most interest in eloping comes from Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Georgia</p> <h2>Honeymooning</h2> <p>When deciding where to gey away, couples are looking at exotic destinations (and Las Vegas)</p> <p>Honeymoon-related searches peak in January.</p> <p>Top five rising searches about honeymoon destinations</p> <p>honeymoon in vegas</p> <p>fiji all-inclusive honeymoon</p> <p>greece honeymoon packages</p> <p>safari honeymoon</p> <p>hawaii all-inclusive honeymoon</p> <h2>Winning over the hearts of consumers</h2> <p>Put data-driven insights at the heart of your brief.</p> <p>The best ads hit us on an emotional level. By understanding how people find and fall in love, brands can uncover fundamental human truths and develop creative and messaging that truly resonate. See what insights you can find in Google trends data that can fuel your creative brief and executions</p> <p>Make a love connection through mobile, search, and video</p> <p>Love changes our daily habits and behaviors, and not just on Valentine's Day. There's a huge opportunity to engage with people during these life moments-from a first kiss to a wedding-all year round. These moments happen on search, mobile and YouTube; are you there? Are your campaign windows wide enough to capture interest beyond the holiday?</p> <p>Be there when they need you most</p> <p>When it comes to love and marketing, timing is everything. Consumers are now constantly connected, seeking answers, and making decisions immediately. Marketers need to be there in the moment with timely, relevant content and experiences.</p>