March 2016

<p>The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament isn't just a sports event—it's a national phenomenon. Each year, viewers find new and better ways to tune into all the action, with second screens becoming an increasingly integral part of the games. Using new data from the first four rounds of 2016's tournament and looking forward to the Final Four, we can see when and why viewers are turning to their mobile phones, and the types of content that keep these fans engaged.</p> <h2>LEADING MOBILE SEARCH TRENDS</h2> <p>Mobile searches related to predictions (which-team-should-I-pick moments) and upsets (is-my-bracket-busted moments) increased more than 45% and 40%, respectively, year over year. But during the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight, the topics that viewers most frequently checked from their phones expanded beyond the games to include sneakers and team uniforms.</p> <h2>Percentage of Searches on Mobile by Topic:</h2> <p>Scores - 79%</p> <p>Sneakers - 78%</p> <p>Standings - 70%</p> <p>Uniforms - 68%</p> <p>Upsets - 67%</p> <h2>MOST POPULAR MOBILE PLAYBACK</h2> <p>People in the U.S. watched more than 3 million hours of March Madness videos on YouTube during the first four rounds of the tournament. With the Final Four approaching, Villanova fans have something to be excited about. As the Wildcats made their way through the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight, fans were watching thousands of hours of related videos—65% of which were seen on mobile.</p> <h2>TOP OFF-THE-COURT CONTENT</h2> <p>March Madness viewers turn to online video to indulge their passions and research potential purchases. Compared to the average YouTube viewer, March Madness fans are:</p> <p>16X more likely to watch videos related to sports news.</p> <p>10X more likely to watch videos related to athletic shoes.</p> <p>13X more likely to watch videos related to sports coaching and training.</p> <h2>THE TAKEAWAY</h2> <p>Mobile is key to engaging, informing, and entertaining fans during massive cultural events—such as March Madness or the upcoming Olympic Games—in which second-screen searches and highlight reels can be as captivating as the live-action broadcasts. These micro-moments of mobile discovery are valuable opportunities for your brand to be there and be useful, with related content that appeals to tuned-in fans.</p> <p>Visit to learn more.</p>