June 2016

<p>In hundreds of micro-moments throughout the day, people use their mobile phones to find answers to their questions and solve problems while on the go. This means there are more opportunities than ever for your brand to be there and be useful.</p> <p>Turning to mobile in moments of need</p> <p>People rely on mobile devices to manage their lives and inspire their plans. Among smartphone users:</p> <p>91% use mobile for inspiration when in the middle of a task.</p> <p>90% use mobile to work toward a long-term goal while on the go.</p> <p>62% are more likely to take action right away against an unexpected task or problem because they have smartphones for inspiration when in the middle of a task.</p> <p>How micro-moments can inform your mobile strategy</p> <p>Influence purchases by meeting people in their moments of curiosity and need as they research. Among smartphone users:</p> <p>82% consult their phones when in a store.</p> <p>66% consult their phones to learn more about something they saw in a TV commercial.</p> <p>51% have purchased from a company or brand other than the one they intended, because the information provided on search was useful.</p> <p>For a complete guide to winning these micro-moments, visit</p>