December 2013

Mobile search is growing in importance-a fact emphasized in a brand value study done with Ipsos MediaCT. The survey, the first of its kind for travel brands, looked at the effect of mobile search on United Airlines' brand awareness and consideration. United saw a notable lift in the intent to buy with regard to ad placement-a clear indicator that there's opportunity to build brands via mobile.


<p>What are the benefits of mobile search ads for travel brands? Google partnered with Ipsos MediaCT to find out. The survey tested search ad recall on mobile devices and the effect of paid mobile search ads on brand awareness and consideration.</p> <p>Paid mobile search ads greatly affected brand awareness and consideration.</p> <p>Among those who use smartphones for travel research:</p> <p>30% of leisure travelers book via smartphone</p> <p>41% of business travelers book via smartphone</p> <p>Airline ad recall is higher on mobile.</p> <p>69% on a smartphone</p> <p>58% on a desktop</p> <p>United's appearance in the top paid mobile ad slot showed promising results.</p> <p>Brand Awareness</p> <p>United's paid ad placement on mobile devices increased top-of-mind awareness, resulting in a 58% lift</p> <p>Thinking about specific brands of airlines, which one brand comes to mind: 19% said United</p> <p>Brand Consideration</p> <p>There was a 19% life in the intent to buy from United after exposure to a top sponsored ad.</p> <p>If you were considering booking a flight in the next six months, how likely would you be to consider booking with United? 57% said yes.</p>