March 2014

The Canadian auto insurance shopper is changing dramatically. A recent study highlighted that 48% of shoppers who purchased auto insurance online in 2013 did so for the first time. Saving money is key, decisions are made quickly and smart auto insurers need to be online, too.


<p>Canadians are searching for the best auto insurance rates online</p> <p>35% of visits to auto insurance sites result from online search</p> <p>48% of shoppers who purchased auto insurance online in 2013-did so for the first time</p> <p>33% of shoppers make 5+ search queries before deciding and they are quick to making the <p>decision with 73% deciding the same day.</p> <p>80% of searches are non-branded for example "best rate"</p> <p>60% of shoppers will look for information online before visiting a broker</p> <p>Almost 75% of auto insurance shoppers are <45 years old</p> <p>Top 5 auto insurance brand with highest recognition among online consumers</p> <p>Allstate: 81%</p> <p>CAA: 76%</p> <p>TD Insurance: 74%</p> <p>RBC: 71%</p> <p>Desjarnins: 69%</p> <p>Shoppers are searching for auto insurance information on mobile</p> <p>42% find social networks very useful</p> <p>44% find video very useful</p> <p>What mobile shoppers do:</p> <p>Compare prices</p> <p>Read reviews</p> <p>Check policy information</p> <p>Locate a broker</p> <p>Call</p> <p>Compare policy features</p> <p>Purchase a policy</p>