Written by
Celie O’Neil-Hart , Howard Blumenstein
April 2016

<p>We all know the amount of time consumers spend watching video online is growing. Watch time has grown by 50% every year for the last three years on YouTube. And our research shows consumers don’t just love online video—they’re influenced by it. It earns unprecedented lifts in consideration and favorability. It impacts purchase intent. And the creators making it have never been more influential. Here’s a look at the momentum of online video, and how your brand can tap into it:</p> <p>How mobile video influences purchase intent</p> <p>Small screens have a big influence. As a result of seeing branded video on their smartphones:</p> <p>40% visited the store or brand website.</p> <p>28% made a purchase online or in-store.</p> <p>How YouTube cCreators influence your audience</p> <p>YouTube creators are more trusted than traditional celebs on what to buy. Here’s a peek at how much fans love—and listen to—their favorite creators.</p> <p>Among YouTube subscribers:</p> <p>6 in 10 watch new videos by favorite creators within 24 hours.</p> <p>6 in 10 would follow the advice of a favorite creator over a favorite TV/movie personality on what to buy.</p> <p>Over the last year, their channels have continued to grow.</p> <p>Google Preferred allows marketers to advertise with YouTube’s top creators. Here’s how quickly those creators have grown year over year:</p> <p>65% more watch time</p> <p>66% more likes</p> <p>65% more subscribers</p> <p>What that means for your brand</p> <p>YouTube’s influence has never been greater. Here’s how that influence can move your brand metrics:</p> <p>Among Google Preferred campaigns measured:</p> <p>75% lifted consideration, with an average lift of 14%.</p> <p>61% lifted favorability, with an average lift of 8%.</p> <p>Among TrueView campaigns measured:</p> <p>78% resulted in an increase in offline sales, with 61% driving statistically significant lift.</p>