March 2014

To learn about how people use mobile apps around the world, AdMob surveyed 1,000 daily users in five key markets. Here, we put our biggest findings in a nutshell for app developers. Use this data to help reach consumers in new markets, build games with depth, choose appropriate business models, earn with ads, get discovered and keep users happy. For more, check out The App Developer Business Kit.


<p>Six essential tips for app developers</p> <p>AdMob surveyed a thousand daily mobile app consumers in markets with high app downloads. See some highlights below and find more results in The App Developer Business Kit.</p> <p>1. Reach users in new markets</p> <p>App downloads and usage rates vary by country.</p> <p>64% of smartphone owners report using up to 5 apps a day at the most.</p> <p>% of users who have downloaded 50 apps or more since phone purchase.</p> <p>Japan: 27%</p> <p>South Korea: 24%</p> <p>China: 16%</p> <p>U.S.: 10%</p> <p>U.K.: 9%</p> <p>% of users who report using up to 5 apps daily on smartphone</p> <p>China: 54%</p> <p>Japan: 71%</p> <p>South Korea: 53%</p> <p>U.S.: 67%</p> <p>U.K.: 74%</p> <p>2. Build games with depth</p> <p>Users enjoy apps that offer deep engagement</p> <p>59% install games within a week of getting their phones, higher than any other type of app</p> <p>Given 5 minutes of time, mobile app users will check email, use a social network, or read the news.</p> <p>31% of users with 30 minutes of free time choose to play games, more than any other activity we asked about.</p> <p>U.S. - 30% interact with social media</p> <p>U.K. - 22% interact with social media</p> <p>South Korea - 17% read news</p> <p>Japan - 29% email</p> <p>China - 19% read news</p> <p>3. Choose an appropriate business model</p> <p>Users prefer to download free apps.</p> <p>34% of app users have upgraded from a free app to a paid version, making this the most widely experienced business model.</p> <p>On average, 85% of users we surveyed haven't made an in-app purchase. Building a loyal user base is crucial to success.</p> <p>4. Earn with Ads</p> <p>Users click on and recall in-app ads.</p> <p>53% of users click on ads in apps at least some of the time</p> <p>60% of users recall ads in apps</p> <p>Recall rates of in-app ads</p> <p>China: 63%</p> <p>Japan: 65%</p> <p>South Korea: 77%</p> <p>U.S.: 54%</p> <p>U.K.: 44%</p> <p>Users in China and South Korea report particularly strong interaction.</p> <p>5. Get discovered</p> <p>Users value good app store listings and reviews.</p> <p>25% of app users discover apps by browsing app stores, more than any other discovery method, except in China.</p> <p>57% say cost is the most important factor when choosing an app to download, and 54% say user ratings & reviews.</p> <p>6. Keep users happy</p> <p>Simplify navigation and localize well.</p> <p><% of users who stopped using an app because it's not properly localized</p> <p>Ease of navigation is the most important smart pone app experience in each country surveyed, but to a lesser degree in Japan and South Korea</p>