March 2014

Today's Canadian car shoppers can more accurately be described as car buyers. Online information about specifications, pricing and reviews means that consumers no longer arrive at a dealer with a vague interest, but rather a very specific agenda that often includes a purchase intent. Successful organizations recognize this new reality and invest to ensure that their brands are ready for the new digital car buyer. Learn more in the infographic below.


<p>A car shopper's journey</p> <p>More brands are being considered</p> <p>Less time to influence: 28 days median, down 18% compared to 2010</p> <p>Shoppers are researching</p> <p>Research time allocation</p> <p>46%: brand & nameplate</p> <p>54% offers & deals</p> <p>Of all sources used, internet is the most used & most influential</p> <p>Shoppers are online</p> <p>Shoppers are entering the funnel at different points. Nature of first search.</p> <p>26% are generic: for example "new cars"</p> <p>15% are brand: for example "Ford"</p> <p>41% are nameplate: for example "Ford F150"</p> <p>Actions taken as a result of search:</p> <p>58% visited a dealer</p> <p>50% visited OEM website</p> <p>43% took a test drive</p> <p>42% visited dealer website</p> <p>40% enhanced opinion</p> <p>Main online research activities</p> <p>67% viewed photos</p> <p>66% compared specs</p> <p>63% read reviews</p> <p>Make your website a one-stop shop</p> <p>Shoppers are buyers</p> <p>They are going to more dealers</p> <p>38%: 1 dealer</p> <p>22%: 2 dealers</p> <p>17%: 3 dealers</p> <p>23%: 4+ dealers</p> <p>40% will use mobile at dealer</p> <p>3 in 10 buyers will leave and never come back to the dealership or the brand for service</p> <p>Give buyers a compelling reason to come back</p> <p>47% have already decided on their brand preference before visiting a dealer</p> <p>Video</p> <p>29% of shoppers used video websites as an information source</p> <p>As a result of watching an online video they:</p> <p>61% visited a dealer</p> <p>30% checked dealer inventory</p> <p>23% talked to family & friends</p> <p>23% shared a video</p> <p>Mobile</p> <p>26% of shoppers used their tablet or smartphone throughout the research process</p> <p>The top information they searched:</p> <p>66%: vehicle pricing</p> <p>54%: model information</p> <p>53%: photo galleries</p> <p>52%: reviews/ratings</p> <p>47%: compare vehicles</p>