July 2016

Thanks to mobile, a traveler's decision making process includes more and more micro-moments—when people turn to a device with intent to answer an immediate need. In fact, 40% of the visits to U.S. travel sites now come from mobile devices.1 In the four key types of travel micro-moments below, the stakes are high for travel brands as preferences are shaped and decisions are made.


<p>I-want-to-get-away moments</p> <p>People turn to mobile to explore destination options and dream about what their next getaway could look like.</p> <p>60% of destination information searches come from mobile devices.</p> <p>Approximately 2/3 of watch time for top travel videos on YouTube happens on mobile.</p> <p>Time-to-make-a-plan moments</p> <p>Once travelers choose a destination, they often use search and their smartphones to make the dream a reality.</p> <p>Over 70% of travelers with smartphones use them to research travel.</p> <p>During the planning phase, travelers say that search is the most common way in which they discover the brand they ultimately book with.</p> <p>Let's-book-it moments</p> <p>Even with travel being a significant investment, mobile bookings are still on the rise.</p> <p>Nearly 60% of leisure travelers claim a trip was their largest discretionary purchase in the last year—more than home improvements, financial investments, or health-related products.</p> <p>31% of leisure travelers say they've booked travel on a smartphone, while 53% of business travelers say the same.</p> <p>88% of travelers with smartphones would switch to another site or app if yours doesn't satisfy their needs.</p> <p>Can't-wait-to-explore moments</p> <p>Travelers want to find the best places to see, eat, and shop while on their trips. These moments on the ground are driven by devices in their pockets.</p> <p>85% of leisure travelers decide on activities only after having arrived at the destination.</p> <p>30% increase in smartphone searches from hotel properties in the last year.</p> <p>Sources</p> <p>Google Analytics aggregated data, U.S., travel vertical, mobile devices include smartphones and tablets, Apr. 2016.</p> <p>Destinations on Google Data, U.S., Jan. 2016.</p> <p>YouTube Data, U.S., Mar. 2016.</p> <p>Google/Ipsos Connect, travel playbook omnibus, n=1,664, among U.S. travelers 18+, Apr. 2016.</p> <p>Google/TNS, Global Travel Survey, Apr. 2016.</p> <p>Google/Phocuswright, Leisure Traveler Study, base: U.S. leisure travelers, n=930, Oct. 2015.</p> <p>Google/Ipsos MediaCT, "The 2015 Traveler's Road to Decision," base: U.S. leisure travelers—2014, n=2,312; 2015, n=2,477, Aug. 2015.</p> <p>Google/Ipsos Connect, travel playbook omnibus, n=1,304, among U.S. travelers 18+ who use a smartphone, Apr. 2016.</p> <p>Google/Ipsos MediaCT, 2015 Traveler's Road to Decision. Base: US leisure travelers, n = 3500, Aug. 2015.</p> <p>Google Data, aggregated, anonymized internal data from a sample of U.S. users that have turned on Location History, Mar. 2016.</p>