October 2016

Google partnered with Phocuswright, a leading independent travel research company, to understand consumer attitudes towards travel planning, decision making, and booking. We surveyed adults who planned at least one vacation in the last year including a flight or accommodation. The research revealed key micro-moments that brands can capitalize on in the decision-making process.


<h2>Travel is a Big Deal</h2> <p>Most US leisure travelers only take a couple of trips a year, but they invest considerable thought and money in each purchase.</p> <p>60% claim a trip was their largest discretionary purchase in the last year—more than home improvements, financial investments, or health-related products.</p> <p>55% of leisure travelers take just 1-2 vacations a year, they put a lot of thought into planning these trips.</p> <p>37% think about their next trip weekly to several times a month.</p> <h2>Harness The Power of Promotions</h2> <p>By offering deals, brands can inspire leisure travelers to be spontaneous, try new things, and upgrade. When presented with a deal:</p> <p>30% would take a trip when they weren't planning to</p> <p>25% would go to a destination they weren't familiar with</p> <p>25% would consider booking a last-minute flight</p> <p>32% would book a hotel they're unfamiliar with</p> <h2>Reduce Booking Nerves</h2> <p>Brands can help travelers feel more comfortable with making a mobile purchase by offering assurances like free cancellation or a best price guarantee.</p> <p>69% of leisure travelers are concerned that they are not finding the best price or making the best decision while booking a trip.</p> <p>23% of leisure travelers are confident that they can find the same hotel and flight information on their smartphone as on their desktop computer.</p> <h2>Understand Consumer Shopping Behavior Across Devices</h2> <p>Mobile plays a significant role in the travel planning process, but people often switch devices to make a booking. Make sure to offer a smooth experience for consumers moving between screens.</p> <p>After shopping on a smartphone</p> <p>Nearly 2 in 3 double-check flight prices on a computer.</p> <p>1 in 2 double-check hotel prices on a computer.</p> <p>About 75% of travelers who shopped for either hotels or flights on their smartphone would typically end up purchasing on a desktop or laptop computer.</p>