June 2016

<p>Mobile has become the connective tissue between the online and offline worlds, driving store visits and phone calls that can directly impact your bottom line.</p> <p>But while mobile provides new opportunities for marketers to engage with consumers, it also challenges our assumptions about the value of 'touchpoints' across media. In order to win micro-moments and drive real growth, marketers must evolve their measurement practices for today's mobile-first world. Use new tools and build new ways to connect the dots — across screens, channels and media types — in order to get a more accurate view of what's actually working to drive results.</p> <p>Why being accountable matters</p> <p>What can you do?</p> <p>Legacy metrics from a desktop-first world can distract you from the business results that really matter.</p> <p>Think about multi-device behavior and make sure you measure the impact of screens collectively.</p> <p>Estimate or track things like how much store traffic results from digital interactions, or how many converted calls originate from a mobile search. Whether it's across devices or online to offline, don't let measurement silos get in the way of driving business results; organize and incentivize your teams to the metrics that matter for today's world.</p> <p>Shutterfly was accountable</p> <p>By measuring cross-device conversions in AdWords, Shutterfly learned how often mobile played a part in its customer's buying behaviors. This insight led the company to enable 100% of its keywords for mobile. The first round of optimization boosted total digital conversions by 15% in under a year, proving how connecting the dots across screens yields real results.</p> <p>Source</p> <p>1 Google / Ipsos Connect, March 2016, GPS Omnibus, n=2,013 US online respondents 18+.</p> <p>For more information on being accountable and other micro-moments insights, recommendations and case studies visit</p>