June 2016

<p>It's essential for brands to meet consumers in their moments of need. But how you meet them is equally important. In order to win the hearts and minds of consumers, you have to connect people to the information they need right there, in the moment.</p> <p>Mobile adds a rich layer of context that allows you to think more granularly about how consumers' needs might change based on when or where they're engaging with your category or product. Are they at home, on the street, or in your store? Is it 6 p.m. Friday or 6 a.m. Monday?</p> <p>If you aren't useful in these moments, not only will consumers move on, they might never come back.</p> <p>Why being useful matters</p> <p>What can you do?</p> <p>Consider the unique, tangible ways your brand can help solve a problem or make life easier in real-time during a micro-moment. What messaging and content would be most useful? For example, consider creating 'snackable,' educational content for I-want-to-know moments, providing local inventory information so people can see what's in stock nearby for I-want-to-go moments, developing how-to videos for I-want-to-do moments, or offering an 'instant buy' button for easy checkout in I-want-to-buy moments.</p> <p> was useful</p> <p> realized that searching for home listings is only the first step in the long and often confusing path to buying a home. To be helpful to first-time homebuyers, they created a series of videos (starring Elizabeth Banks) which gave consumers a step-by-step guide. The 2 minute videos had 400k views within the first three weeks proving a successful strategy in being useful for the I-want-to-know moments along the home buying process.</p> <p>Source</p> <p>1 Consumers in the Micro-Moment, Wave 3, Google/Ipsos, U.S., August 2015, n=1,291 online smartphone users 18+.</p> <p>For more information on being useful and other micro-moments insights, recommendations and case studies visit</p>