February 2017

For telecom-wireless brands wanting to drive growth, responding to consumers' needs in the moments they turn to mobile is critical. We explore how shoppers behave in five key micro-moments to help brands better understand the consumer decision-making process and win the moments that matter.


<h2>Shopping around</h2> <p>At the start of the shopping journey, there are three key micro-moments where brands can influence consumers' buying decisions.</p> <p>Time-to-switch-carriers: Nearly half of wireless shoppers switch providers primarily in search of a better network.<sup>1</sup></p> <p>Which-phone-can-I-get: For 31% of wireless shoppers, getting the latest smartphone is the primary driver for purchase.<sup>2</sup></p> <p>Am-I-getting-the-best-offer: 36% of wireless shoppers who switch carriers do so to get a better deal on a new smartphone or service plan.<sup>3</sup></p> <h2>Signing on the dotted line</h2> <p>Once consumers have made the decision to buy, they prefer to sign up in person.</p> <p>Sign-me-up: More than 75% of wireless shoppers from the top four carriers buy offline.<sup>4</sup></p> <p>But they rely on mobile location services to find out where to go.</p> <p>There are more than a hundred searches for a wireless provider store "near me" every minute,<sup>5</sup> and related searches are growing by 40% year over year.<sup>6</sup></p> <h2> Looking for help</h2> <p>After consumers have purchased, their expectations are still high.</p> <p>How-do-I-fix-this: 1 in 10 wireless shoppers who switch providers do so to get better customer service.<sup>7</sup></p> <p><small><strong>Sources</strong></small><br> <small><sup>1,2,3,7</sup> Google/MBD 2016 Tech Wireless Shopper Study, May 2016, US, (n=1,800 wireless shoppers).<br> <sup>4</sup> TraQline - 2016 The Stevenson Company, 4 quarters ending Sept. 2016, US, Top four wireless carriers: Verizon, AT&T/Cingular, T Mobile and Sprint/Nextel.<br> <sup>5</sup> Google Data, US, Jan-Oct 2016.<br> <sup>6</sup> Google Data, US, Jan-Oct 2015 vs Jan-Oct 2016.</small></p>