With Shopping Ads, Morhipo.com improves return on investment by 80%

April 2017

A subsidiary Boyner Group, Morhipo.com launched in 2011 as an ecommerce website offering over 5,000 brands and hundreds of thousands products across clothing and accessories for men, women and children, as well as cosmetics, home decor and appliances. Aiming to scale traffic, acquire new quality customers and drive sales of its large product range of thousands of products, the company believed feed-based Shopping Ads campaigns would provide a smart way to surface product images and prices of available items to users who were searching for them.

About Morhipo

Ecommerce website

Headquarters in Istanbul

Founded in 2011


Acquire new customers

Scale quality traffic

Increase sales


Optimised Shopping Ads to scale shopping performance


Total conversion value increased fivefold

Cross-device conversions increased fivefold

Average cost per click decreased by 55%

Return on investment improved by 80%

To get started, the team divided items into two main product types: seasonal products (to be promoted over a period of time) and campaign products (to be promoted for three to four days). They then created two campaigns (one for seasonal products, the other for campaign products). Seasonal products were divided into categories, brands and product groups, while campaign products were divided into brands. This standardised setup made it easy to manage bids and optimisations.

Morhipo.com then devoted time and attention to optimising the feed with product titles containing descriptive names, sizes and colours, and product descriptions offering plenty of useful detail. They also added five custom labels to further facilitate optimisations and targeting.

"Google Search is the starting point for most of our customers who research products online. Showing our daily product selection on their searches is a fundamental advantage that other solutions cannot provide. Shopping Ads is one of our most effective channels for acquiring new customers."

- Ata Aydemir, Digital Channels Director, Morhipo.com

These smart approaches definitely paid off. Year over year, the brand’s total conversion value increased fivefold, cross-device conversions increased fivefold and the average cost per click decreased by 55%. Meanwhile, return on investment is up 80%.

The success so far has encouraged the team to ramp up use of Shopping Ads campaigns. For example, they’ve begun using first-party CRM segments in AdWords audience targeting in order to bid higher for valuable existing customers. “We’ve also started to invest more time into product titles, descriptions and specs,” reveals Digital Channels Director Ata Aydemir. “We believe that filling product specs in our backend will reflect in our Shopping feed, so we’ll match more search queries that will help us to scale more.”

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