Summer holiday trends: Travellers go back to nature – and back in time

Zarina de Ruiter / June 2019

January blues aside, mid-June and Mid-July are the peak times people plan their summer travel. But what’s trending for holiday-goers this year? Comparing the first quarter of 2019 to the same time period in 2018 we see that travellers across EMEA are looking to go back to nature as they research forest holidays, camping areas, and nature reserves. Other topics front of mind for consumers this summer include destinations for seniors, educational farms, and dinosaurs.

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Before any bookings are confirmed, holiday-goers are, unsurprisingly, searching for the best deals, accommodation, and travel – but that’s not the only pre-planning they are doing this year. There is also an increase in queries related to luggage size and cost, showing that budget-savvy consumers are researching every aspect of their upcoming holiday.

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Some of the most searched for destinations this year are those that allow travellers to be closer to nature – and spend time with people of a similar age. With sustainability movements such as zero-waste rising in popularity, it is no surprise that eco-conscious consumers are looking for greener ways to spend their holidays. Tap into that change of mindset and ensure you engage with your customers on the topics that matter to them most.

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For travel closer to home, weekend getaways are popular alongside day trips, ranging from organised bus tours to theme parks. Cultural events are also high on people’s summer bucket lists, with carnival and exhibitions being searched for in increased numbers as we get closer to the warmer months of the year.

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In addition to what consumers are researching for their summer travel this year, we also looked at how they’re searching for this information across EMEA. And we found that when people are researching their next holiday destination, over two-thirds use their mobile device to do so.

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