Five factors of transformation in digital marketing: Creatives and Mobile Web Experience

Mehmet Çelebi, Uğur Bilen / October 2019

We continue with the second series of articles, which will examine five factors of digital marketing transformation in detail, with Creatives and Mobile Web Experience, two of the most important components of marketing campaigns.

In order to provide the best possible customer experience to your customers and potential customers, you can first try to accurately identify your audience, then attract your audience's attention with the right messages and finally try to optimise your audience's experience. We shared the strategies on the subject of mass in our first article in this series. In this article, we'll cover both the Creatives and the Mobile Web Experience.

How can you organise your ads in the most appropriate way to reach your digital marketing goals and reach your customers and potential customers with these ads?

1- New advertising technologies

You can use new advertising technologies based on machine learning and automation for all your different ad formats to ensure that your marketing messages are delivered to your audiences in a good and efficient manner.

For example, by using Responsive Search Ads for the Search platform, you can improve your ad performance by showing your customers more text and more relevant messages. You can optimise your ads with Responsive Display Ads on the Display Network platform, and expand your customer base and gain new conversions with Smart Display Campaigns.

2- Integrated approach with personalised and customised messages

You can try to deliver personalised and customised messages that are best suited to different audiences in a data-driven and dynamic way. In doing so, trying to tailor your approach on different platforms to the characteristics of that platform can further improve your ad performance. For example, on the video platform, you can turn your ads into a storytelling with the ad models called Video Ad Rank and Director Mix, where different text, images, audio and video content and different messages can be delivered to different audiences. On the search platform, you can show different messages to different audiences with IF functions in a single ad in the same campaign

Achieve a consistent and integrated advertising strategy for all of your different ad channels.

Applying only the same advertising strategy on traditional channels to digital channels may not give you the success you want. You can create your advertising content strategy by taking care that the messages in different channels are consistent and integrated with each other and taking into consideration the characteristics of that channel in all digital channels. For example, with six-second Bumper ads , the message can be very different from the message that you send with a 25-second video ad.

3- Measurement and Testing

You can evaluate the different data and insights that you will get from metering solutions to track your ad performance and customise your ads. For example, you can measure the impact of the different ones of your YouTube ads with the Brand Lift feature to see which of your ads is bringing more interaction. In addition, with the Ad Variations feature, you can try different text on ads on the Search platform by performing an A / B test. You can use this data-driven approach based on metering and experimentation in your advertising efforts across all platforms.

Get ahead with next-generation technologies in mobile

When it comes to usability for mobile websites, two basic components come to mind. The first is a good user experience that allows users to do what they want to do easily and smoothly on your site. According to a Google survey last year , users complain about the complexity of browsing on mobile websites and / or the length of the process finalisation steps. Continuous improvement of the experience should be followed by a dedicated team, and ideas for improvement should be tested on users with A / B tests and activated if they yield positive results.

You can benefit from Win on Mobile training for Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), which can be expressed as a process of evaluating a site in terms of user experience and improving the experience. Successful applications related to user experience prepared specifically for the Retail, Travel and Finance sectors can also be guiding.

In addition, the user can download the content quickly to your mobile device, which means that page loading speed is very important. Considering that more than half of the users will leave a page with a loading time of more than three seconds , the fast loading experience becomes important. The average page load time of 10.3 seconds in Turkey  Given that, it still seems to be a serious development area.

The renewed product Test My Site makes it possible for a business to find out if site speed has improved over the previous month, what rank it is with site speed compared to other brands and the impact it can have on revenue by speeding up the site. It offers suggestions and corrections specifically for both the site speed and the speed of the pages within the site. It is also possible to download all these recommendations in a comprehensive report. Using this tool, you can monitor your current situation and improve loading speed by applying improvement suggestions.

There is a significant development area in page loading speed studies and you can make your work easier by using new technologies. The first of these technologies is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). AMP is an open source web library that allows us to make web pages loaded in one second. As of July 2018, the mobile speed score for landing pages can be tracked in the Google Ads interface and is calculated as 10/10 on 90% of pages using AMP. With the improvements made over time, AMP has been optimised for dynamic content pages and is used by many e-commerce sites. For example, in 2018, AliExpress started to take advantage of AMP technology on its mobile site. And as a result, there was a 40% reduction in loading times and a 4.3% increase in conversion rates.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) allow you to provide your users with a fast, smooth and application-like experience. Working even on intermittent and slow connections, PWA gives you the opportunity to experience the loyalty an application offers and access that the web allows.

The near-perfect web experience emerges through the use of these two technologies together. So with AMP, you can get the best results for your business by bringing the user to your landing page and letting the next steps complete with the experience PWA offers. Using both of these technologies on new mobile websites, BMW has achieved a four-fold improvement in site load times and a 50% growth in the number of mobile users.

In all digital advertising platforms, you can start taking important steps in line with these practices in order to conduct efficient marketing efforts for your ads.

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