Make-up Genius

September 2014

The Story

When it comes to make-up, most potential customers prefer to try before they buy. But the ability to test products isn't as likely when you're perusing the aisles of a supermarket. Recognising this, L'Oréal wanted to revolutionise the make-up shopping experience by creating Make-up Genius. The iOS app lets consumers scan their own features, browse a catalogue and then virtually apply make-up before making a purchase. Consumers can also scan product bar codes in-store to test those items with the app.

"A virtual makeover."

To bring Make-up Genius to life, L'Oréal worked with Image Metrics, a company that creates facial recognition software for video games and movies. With this technology, a mobile device's front-facing camera becomes a virtual mirror. The app captures 64 data points on the face, allowing it to discern between the skin on the lips and skin on the face. The technology is also able to recognise other facial contours. If a consumer finds a product she likes, she can save it to her phone's camera roll. The app also gives the option to share the new look with friends on Twitter and Facebook.

The Results

The app held the no. 1 spot in App Store's lifestyle category for four weeks after its launch and has been shared more than 495K times.

1.4 Million downloads

17 Product views

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