revenues up 50% with Smart Shopping campaigns

Tahani Karrar / February 2019

ABOUT is a bilingual English and Arabic platform selling a variety of products for mothers, babies and children in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Founded in 2011, headquartered in Dubai.


Increase sales and ROAS for online campaigns.

Make products more discoverable at a lower cost.


Work with media agency Keyade Middle East to activate on Smart Shopping Campaigns.


Revenues up by 50%

ROI up by 200% as transactions doubled

Clicks up by 300% while CPC fell by 90%

Leading mother-and-baby site recorded a 100% month-on-month increase in Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) after working with media agency Keyade Middle East utilizing Google’s Smart Shopping campaigns to target online customers in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.


The e-commerce platform, which traditionally runs online campaigns on Search and display, utilized Smart Shopping campaigns to simplify its campaign management, maximize its conversion value, and expand reach.

Smart Shopping campaigns, which combine standard Shopping and dynamic remarketing campaigns, use automated bidding and ad placement to promote products and businesses. The campaigns combine Google’s machine learning to show a variety of ads across networks and allow businesses to set a budget, upload their assets, and select their country of sale.

“Smart Shopping tests different combinations of the images and feed assets provided in the campaign, then it shows the most relevant ads across Google networks, including the Google Search Network, the Google Display Network, YouTube, and Gmail,” said Kamel Ghosn, Google Account Strategist.

The platform, which places great importance on getting the “right products in-front the right people at the right time”, runs online campaigns to raise brand awareness and help its customers in the region shop more easily.

Its campaigns are designed and developed to be mobile first and are tested on various devices.

“We always strive to test Beta products first for our clients. Our close collaboration between Google and Mumzworld has enabled us to test Smart Shopping campaigns in beta and the results were impressive,” said Hicham Auajjar, Managing Director at Keyade Middle East.

After Keyade Middle East’s implemented the campaign within one month, from September to October 2018,’s campaign revenues increased by 50% and ROI was up 200% as transactions doubled. Clicks also increased by 300% and Cost Per Click (CPC) fell by 90%.


“We were running six shopping campaigns before moving to Smart Shopping that were broken down into categories, but with our new approach we were able to combine all our campaigns into one,” said Faheem Ahmad, Performance Marketing Manager at “The results have been amazing so far.”

Digital marketers at were introduced to Smart Shopping through a Google Expert Day event, an event designed to equip marketers with a better understanding of Google products and services.

Ahmad said the company can now run shopping campaigns more efficiently through Smart Shopping campaigns.

“Now we can run shopping campaigns with 50% of the effort we used to in the past. Our ROAS has doubled, we have increased our number of conversions by 35% and decreased spend by 10%,” said Ahmad.

Moving forward, the company plans to expand its shopping campaigns and increase investment as well as optimize its feeds so that they utilize all the features available in Smart Shopping campaigns Ahmad added.

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