Orange Morocco

May 2017

Orange Morocco embraces a weekly YouTube homepage strategy as their weekly digital publication.


Driving Brand awareness through a creative and efficient Digital strategy.

Building a regular touchpoint with our customers every Friday.

Increasing our customers’ engagement on YouTube channel.


Owning YouTube Homepage every Friday to communicate weekly offers across Desktop, the Mobile web and apps.

Using Google Rich media tools to build creative & multiple messages every week.

Building ongoing customers’ retention through Google Remarketing technology.


Constant growth in YouTube channel subscribers by 150% YoY.

Increase in videos content shares & consumption by 300% YoY.

Driving growth of video views by 4x to 6x every Friday.

Created in 1999, Méditel, which has become Orange end of 2016, is one of the leading telecommunications operators in Morocco. With 14.2 million customers at the end of September 2016, Orange Morocco has been putting Digital as part of their core strategy as the usage and the behavior of their customers are evolving.

Since the launch of 4G in 2015 and with the growth of multi screen world consumers live in, YouTube watchtime has been growing massively in Morocco with more than 50% YoY1, pushing marketers to rethink their video strategy.

Orange has been introducing a weekly offer on Friday as a retention program for its customers to enjoy free minutes, calls or data during their weekend. The marketing team wanted to build a creative and efficient strategy that builds awareness in the market in one single day per week to communicate their weekly offer to its subscribers.

Google team introduced YouTube Masthead as a creative solution for their weekly campaign. It was introduced as a weekly Digital publication where Orange owns the YouTube homepage exclusively for 24h to communicate its offers.

“After analyzing the first Masthead back in 2015 in terms of efficiency and Brand impact, the marketing and communication teams decided to build a weekly touchpoint with our customers via a weekly masthead strategy for them to come back every Friday and check our new promotion” mentioned Sakina el Fares, Communication & Media Director. She added” This strategy helped us boost the customers’ engagement with our Brand. We are noticing a constant growth in our channel subscribers by 150% YoY and an increase in our videos content shares & consumption by 300% YoY”.

“As YouTube video consumption on Mobile has surpassed the desktop consumption2 since 2016, we noticed that the Masthead during any day has been driving the growth of our video views by 4x to 6x on that specific day” highlighted Omar khayati, Digital media team.

“We have to admit that being present every Friday on YouTube homepage with a new offer to our clients was a challenge for us at the beginning but thanks to Google team who have been supportive in providing creative ideas, formats and technical support, we managed to improve our digital capabilities and we adjusted our internal workflow to be present on time every week with our new message” highlighted Sakina el Fares Communication & Media Director.

Brands are always in a constant challenge to promote their offers and reach their audience at scale in a very cluttered environment. They still use different communication channels that are difficult to measure accurately, hoping to reach their business objectives. As companies are moving into more effective communication solutions, YouTube Homepage solution should be highly adopted by big brands in their communication strategies since It has proven it is a viable solution economically, considering 1) the massive Reach it delivers in an exclusive space and 2) the Brand engagement it impacts including videos views and channels subscriptions.

"Build a weekly touchpoint with our customers via a weekly masthead strategy helped us boost the customer's’ engagement with our Brand in Morocco"

-Sakina el Fares Communication & Media Director – Orange Morocco.

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